Please Be In Prayer for ...

J.R. Alexander - Home on meds. - Severe heart issue 10/12/17 Church Family
Janice Corson - Thyroid issues 10/8/17 Church Family
Courtney Freeman - Expecting baby girl in February 9/19/17 Church Family
Cynthia Garris - Infusions 5/28/17 Church Family
Wesley Garris - Continuing to improve following neck surgery 8/23/17 Church Family
Billy Kight - Fractured vertebrae, breathing issues 10/16/17 Church Family
Lisa Peace - Recovering from Neck Surgery 9/14/17 Church Family
Wesley Bradshaw - Colon Cancer 9/25/16 Lisa Peace
Linda Cooper - Kidney failure 5/7/17 Harley Frady
Jimmy Cottle - Colon cancer 3/27/16 Angie Bland
Ian Dennis - 12 yrs old in need of a kidney 5/21/17 George Gaskins
Jenn Faucett - Recurring cancer 11/27/16 Deborah Franklin
Bobby Fowler - Lung cancer 10/30/16 Shirley Crocker
Joe Gay - Pending Aortic Surgery 7/9/17 Gloria Gay
Nancy Hall - Stage 4 cancer 12/4/16 Emogene Babb
Ray Herrmann - Leukemia 10/3/16 Ben Brown
Tripp Hobbs - Blood Disease, MDS 6/12/17 Ben Brown
Cliff Holland - Congestive Heart Failure 4/9/17 Jimmy Babb
William Hummel - Low white blood cell count 8/27/17 Angie Bland
Mickey Ingram - Emphysema 3/26/17  Angie Bland
Johnny Jenkins - Many health issues 5/22/16 Victor Williams
Janine Joyner - Leukemia 2/11/16 Emogene Babb
Karen Mahon - Awaiting results of lung issue 10/15/17 Ben Brown
Patrick Martin - Cancer 5/28/17 George Gaskins
Blake McConnell - 6 yrs old - Auto Immune Issue 8/6/17 Shirley Crocker
Dixon Mills - Index finger partially amputated 10/6/17 Ben Brown
Rev. Connie Morris 8/16/17 Angela Jenkins
Conner Ripplett - IOW Football Player, Broken Leg 8/27/17 Ben Brown

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Family of Rose Newsome - 9/18/17 Family of Nick Starharr - 9/19/17
Family of Ed Gauthier - 9/22/17 Family of Creighton McClenny - 9/23/17
Family of Wilbur Jones - 9/28/17 Family of Rusty Eley - 10/5/17

Watch Care  & Shut-Ins
Margaret Gaskins Betty Hardy
Gladys Rose Marianne Fisher
Gladys "Dump" Weaver  

Greg Bew Joshua Harrell Cobb
Lauren Fanning Andrew Freeman
Eric Johnson Jacob McCall
Gabe Thomas Zach Thomas

Other Prayer Concerns
Church Staff & Ministries WBLC Staff & Families
Our Children's Ministry Our Community Teens Ministry
International & North American Missions Our Nation's Leaders
Police & Law Enforcement Unrest around the World
Victims of Hurricane Harvey, Irma & Maria Disaster Relief Teams in Texas & Florida
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