Please Be In Prayer for ...

Ben Brown 9/14/18 Church Family
Cynthia Garris - Home Recovering from Throat Surgery 3/5/19 Church Family
Howard Mays - High Blood Pressure, Low Oxygen Count 3/8/19 Church Family
Betty Saunders - Home recovering from blood clots in lungs 2/28/19 Church Family
Grace Ballard - Esopaogeal cancer 11/1/18 Linda Throckmorton
Scott Bell - Cancer 9/10/18 Billy Kight
Evelyn Birdsong - COPD and Pneumonia 2/25/19 Margaret Gaskins
Greg Byrum - Car accident, Long Recovery, Bladdar infection 3/1/19 Emogene Babb
Edyth Carter - Heart, eye and endocronogical (diabetic) issues 10/22/18 Betty Saunders
Jimmy Cottle - Colon Cancer 3/11/18  
Juno Dail - General Health Issues 3/3/19  
Paul Davis - Chemo Treatments 2/3/19 Irie Palagyi
George Edwards - (Dennis's brother) Bone Cancer 11/12/17 Dennis Edwards
Amy Garris - Residual neck & back pain following car accident 6/20/18 Cynthia Garris
Joe Gay - Stomach Aneurysm 1/5/19 Gloria Gay
Ray Hermann - Leukemia 12/2/18  
Cliff Holland - Heat Issues 2/18/19  
Fredda Jernigan - Elderly lady lost house 12/18/18 Tracie Gaskins
Denise Johnson - General Health Issues 8/19/18 Lorene Johnson
Beverly Larson - Lung Disease 12/3/18 Irie Palagyi
Yeagar Lester - COPD, Hospice Care 11/25/18 Kathy Mays
Patrick Martin - Cancer 5/28/17 George Gaskins
Charlene Mason - Home Recovering from surgery 11/25/18 Bruce Wigger
Bud Maxey - Heart Issues & Pneumonia 210/19 George Gaskins
Kevin McHugh - Chemo Treatments 2/18/19 George Gaskins
Joe Misseri - Cancer 10/15/18 Irvin Jenkins
Henry Nelson - General Health 2/18/19  
Betty Nunley - Aortic Valve Replacement 2/18/19  
Ronnie O'Berry - Long term recovery from major surgeries 12/16/18 Irie Palagyi
Martha Rawls - Obici Hospital 3/3/19  
Sal Sibilia - Broken Hip 1/27/19 Irvin Jenkins
Jacqueline Tidwell - Heart Issues 1/20/19 Shirley Crocker
Jacob Vincent - 7 Years old, needing 5th surgery for brain tumors 12/9/18 John Corson
Darby Walls - Car accident in critical condition, spine fusion at MCV 1/26/19 Irie Palagyi
Fred Walls - Car accident, Several broken bones, MCV hospital 1/26/19 Irie Palagyi
Ernest Ward - Hospice Care 1/27/19 Bobbi Effler

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Family of Tammy Cisco Walker - 2/22/19 Family of Louise Keaton - 2/28/19

Watch Care  & Shut-Ins
Margaret Gaskins Betty Hardy
Gladys Rose - Consulate, Room 321  

Greg Bew Joshua Harrell Cobb
Andrew Freeman Eric Johnson
Gabe Thomas  

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