Please Be In Prayer for ...

Anna Blankenship - General Health Issues 5/24/20 Church Family
Cynthia Garris - General Health Issues 11/29/19 Church Family
Carol Sue Matthews - Major Decisions 3/22/20 Church Family
Buzz Ballard - Heart  Surgery - TBA 6/23/20 John Corson
Eric Boeninger - Leukemia, multiple hospital stays 5/22/20 Irie Palagyi
Eric Boykins - Dialysis 4/22/20 Emogene Babb
Brittany Brewer - Cancer 11/20/19  
Greg Byrum - More Surgery Soon 6/21/20 Emogene Babb
Greg Elliott - Health Issues 10/21/19 Linda Elliott
Amy Garris - Residual neck & back pain following car accident 6/20/18 Cynthia Garris
Sadie Griffin - 2 year old, Leukemia 3/19/20 Irvin Jenkins
Rosalie Hoblit - Macular Degeneration 5/12/20 Margaret Gaskins
Lisa Hoag - Family & Emotional Issues 6/24/20 Janice Corson
Dan Holly 1/2/20 Bobby Crocker
Tommy Hyatt - Cancer has returned 4/23/20 Wesley Garris
Denise Johnson - General Health Issues 8/19/18 Lorene Johnson
Charlene Mason - General Health 11/25/18 Bruce Wigger
Allie Midkiff - Hip Surgery - 7/6, Duke University Hospital 6/21/20 Linda Throckmorton
Jennifer Neal - Jaw Issues 6/4/2020 Shirley Warren
Barbara Poteat 1/23/20 Bruce Wigger
Amberly Reynolds - Double Hip Replacement Surgery 7/2/2020 John Corson
Melanie Goerger Taylor - Kidney Transplant 5/1/20 Angela Jenkins
Jacqueline Tidwell - Heart Issues 1/20/19  
Jan Tomlin - Cancer 11/6/19 Shirley Crocker
Sean Warren - Financial Issues 3/26/20 Carol Sue Matthews
Eleanor Wilkins - Back Issues 5/14/20  

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Family of James S. Crumpler - 6/5/2020 Family of Dixie C. Jenkins - 6/21/2020
Family of Ren Spivey - 6/22/2020 Family of Grace Ballard - 6/27/2020
Pray for Paula Apperson upon the death of her father June 7th and her mother June 8th

Watch Care  & Shut-Ins
Anna Blanksenship Betty Hardy
Margaret Gaskins Gladys Rose - Consulate, Room 321

Greg Bew Joshua Harrell Cobb
Andrew Freeman Eric Johnson
Gabe Thomas Coleman Queen

Other Prayer Concerns
North American Missions Lottie Moon - International Missions
Youth & Children's Ministry Vision Virginia Missions
Our Church Staff & Ministries Local Missions Projects
Those Working for a Cure for Coronavirus Those Laid Off or Furloughed from Work
Police & Law Enforcement Our Nation's Leaders
Military Personnel Unrest Around the World
Those Sick & Hospitalized Due to Virus