Worship Ministry

Jimmy BabbJimmy Babb, Ministry Leader

The Worship Ministry performs and promotes all of the various aspects of corporate worship by leading and encouraging church participation in music, drama, praise and with use of media and other tools incorporated within the worship context.

The goal of this ministry is to provide an environment wherein all members of the Church will want to express their love for God publicly and enthusiastically. The worship ministry encourages each worshipper in the pew to celebrate God's presence.

There are seven teams working or will soon work under this ministry. They are:

  • Adult Choir Team - Janice Corson, Team Leader
  • Drama Team - Actively Looking for a Team Leader
  • Lord's Supper Team - Shirley Crocker, Team Leader
  • Media Team (Audio/Visual) - Victor Williams, Team Leader
  • Praise Team - David Palagyi, Team Leader
  • Prayer Team - Gloria Gay & Margaret Gaskins, Team Leaders
  • Ushers Team - Bobby Holland, Team Leader

You may see the responsibilities of each of these teams by picking up a copy of the Windsor Baptist Church Policies and Procedures Manual from the church office.