Our ministries form the core to our purpose for existing as a Church. Since 2013, WBC has functioned according to the Great Commandment and the Great Commission (Matthew 22:36-40 & 28:19 & 20). Here, we find a blueprint upon which we have designed our church. We no longer have "committees" and "boards". We now have ministries and teams.

There are five ministries and each have a number of teams comprised of members and attendees who use their gifts, talents and experiences to produce a working, thriving community. We believe every Christian has one or more spiritual gifts, talents and abilities.

We encourage our members to use those gifts, talents and abilities by being a part of one, two or three ministry teams. We no longer nominate or elect anyone to a particular position.

As you can see from the Ministry Circle below, these five ministries form a circle of complete activity and involvement. Each of these ministries is overseen by one of our Deacons.  Each Deacon advises, facilitates and guides each of the teams in his ministry.