Windsor Baptist Church Councils

Windsor Baptist's three Church Councils oversee properties, personnel and proceeds. Dealing with the more materialistic, or physical aspects of the church, they take care of buildings, budgets and the body of workers, or Church staff.

The councils work behind the scenes, and two of them, namely the Properties and Stewardship Councils, have teams that work along side and in conjunction with the day-to-day operations of the church.

These councils are:

 Church Councils

Below is a brief synopsis of what each council does and the Chairmen of each:

Administrative Council
This council oversees the administrative and the overall operations of the church. The Church Moderator chairs this group which operates as both a Personnel and Nominating Committee. This council is tasked with the responsibility of screening and selecting prospective deacons and other officers of the church.  The members are also responsible for hiring of Church staff and conducting year-end evaluations for each employee.

The members of the Administrative Council are:

  • Ben Brown, Chairman/Church Moderator
  • Irvin Jenkins, Vice Moderator
  • Dave Witt
  • Anna Blankenship
  • Jimmy Babb
  • John Corson, Pastor

Properties Council
This council oversees and studies the condition, state of repairs and appearance of the buildings and grounds. It is tasked with the duties of making and/or supervising any and all repairs and improvements necessary. It supervises and assists the custodian.

The Properties Council also has oversight of any and all special building programs such as our Beyond Imagination Capital Campaign to build our new addition.

The members of the Properties Council are:

  • Bobby Crocker, Chairman of the Trustees
  • Mark Clayton
  • Emogene Babb
  • Howard Mays
  • David Boyette

Stewardship Council
This council oversees the monetary operations and the fiscal arm of the church. In consultation with the leaders of the various ministries and the Administrative and Properties Councils, the members of this council prepares and presents an annual budget to the church for its approval. They also appoint the counting and stewardship promotion teams and conducts quarterly audits of the Treasurer's books.

The members of the Stewardship Council are:

  • Davis Throckmorton, Chairman/Finance Auditor
  • David Clifford
  • Tracie Gaskins
  • Stephanie Witt
  • Brian Boyette, Treasurer
  • Irie Palagyi, Assistant Treasurer