Our Faith and Lifestyle & Values Statement

Core Values

Windsor Baptist Church Mission Statement

Windsor Baptist Church exists in order to display our love for God and the people of our community; to bring people to Christ and into the fellowship of the church; and to build one another up in the Lord.

Windsor Baptist Church Vision

Windsor Baptist Church seeks to provide an environment in which the Windsor community and surrounding areas can know, feel and experience the presence and power of God.

Windsor Baptist Church seeks to minister to the community and each other with the Good News of Jesus Christ and to make a positive difference in the lives of all with whom we make contact.

Windsor Baptist Church seeks to present the Word of God as the only rule and guide of our faith and work, believing that, when followed, enhances our relationship with God, marriages and family relationships, friendships, careers and all other facets of life.

Windsor Baptist Church seeks to build a community of loving forgiving and caring believers who share their lives with each other and who are committed to serving God by serving others.

Windsor Baptist Church seeks to equip people to be skilled in the Word of God and to embrace who they are in Christ, to reach their full potential in Him, which results in making lasting differences in the lives of others.